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Digitising and Integrating Maternity Paper Notes

By Rahil Qamar Siddiqui, SIDQAM Added 21st Sep, 2019 Updated 8th Oct, 2019

Sidqam Ltd offers a range of software solutions for the healthcare sector to address specific problem areas that have not achieved partial/whole digitisation, while integrating with larger primary and secondary care systems to enable continuity of care.

Our product range is referred to by the name Direcht, which stands for Digital Records in Health Technology. Our current offerings include Direcht Community Midwifery, Direcht Community Child Health, Direcht Community Physio/Ortho and RFID tracking of mother’s milk, explained in further detail below.

Direcht products are developed by ex-NHS staff for the NHS


Our Direcht Community Midwifery application is a tablet-based software for use by midwives operating in the community and responsible for the antenatal and postnatal care of women. The app aims to significantly improve the recording, maintenance, and sharing of maternity-related information using NHS-approved informatics standards such as SNOMED CT, dm+d, HL7, ISO-13606, and others.



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