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Current Health Remote Patient Monitoring Platform

By Rachel Bowman, Current Health Added 19th Sep, 2019 Updated 9th Apr, 2021

Current Health helps healthcare providers to identify high-risk patients earlier, either in hospital or the patient's home. Our FDA-cleared and CE marked wireless, wearable reliably captures a range of real-time vital signs, as well as integrates seamlessly with a range of other best-in-class devices. This gives the most complete real-time picture of human health available. Current Health turns that data into an advanced early warning alert that allows healthcare professionals to intervene earlier to help reduce readmissions, support earlier discharge and improve clinical outcomes. 


Current Health has created their own all-in-one wireless wearable which sits on the upper arm of patients and continuously measures a patient’s respiration rate, oxygen saturation, heart rate, temperature and movement with ICU accuracy. The device also acts as a hub for other wireless measurement devices such as a blood pressure cuff, spirometer and weighing scales. Data collected from these devices is seamlessly transmitted to the Current Health system, meaning no input of data by the patient. 

Current Health's AI platform then translates all this data to send precise actionable insights to healthcare staff so earlier, proactive care can be delivered. 

The device is Class IIA CE marked and FDA cleared and is already being used by several NHS Trusts for in-hospital and in-home use allowing earlier discharge, reduced readmissions and delivery of clinical efficiencies. 

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