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CliniTouch Vie: Proactive cloud based healthcare solution

By Sophie Davis-Cooper, Spirit Digital Added 30th Jan, 2018 Updated 31st Jan, 2020

CliniTouch Vie is a tried and tested, multi award winning, 24/7 virtual care solution using professional digital healthcare delivery platforms and powerful analytics. It is a personalised care planning system allowing continual monitoring of vital signs and health wellbeing from home. With integrated care records via a secure N3 network, it facilitates real time communication between patients and their healthcare professionals when needed.

It allows appropriate interventions to be deployed at the right time, in the right place to prevent disease deterioration and help avoid unplanned hospital admissions and re-admissions.



CliniTouch has been tried and tested with award winning results.

  • 67% reduction in unscheduled admissions - multiple regression analysis revealed that CliniTouch telemonitoring (Spirit Healthcare) was the only intervention that statistically significantly (P<0.05) reduced unscheduled admissions.
  • Overall reduction of 9.1% in all COPD admissions - there was an overall reduction in all COPD admissions within the CCG locality during April to January 2013/14 compared with April to January 2012/13.
  • Effective in managing re-admissions – number of admissions per head reduced from 3.13 to 1.02 per year (p<0.001). The number of nurse interventions required to manage the patients also reduced. The benefits were realised across the whole health economy.

        Nurse testimonial:

COPD Clinitouch Nurse Video

  • Improved patients’ experience of care – patient feedback demonstrated higher levels of confidence, knowledge about their condition and positive behavioural change. Patients benefited from close monitoring in their own home and learnt new skills to cope with their condition.

        Patient testimonial:

COPD Clinitouch Patient Journey

  • Gross QIPP savings from averted hospital admissions of £243,303 - and net savings of £117,550 over 12 months. Savings substantially outweighed the cost to deliver the service. 


PMEA award judges: "It reshaped the core pathway and reduced hospitalisation. It is scalable, transferable and will be a model for other commissioners. The NHS needs the benefits this entry provides"

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