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Chronic pain

By Amy Frith, Inhealthcare Added 12th Aug, 2019 Updated 28th Aug, 2019

The chronic pain service allows patients to self-manage their pain using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).


In partnership with ADI Health, the PainSense app uses e-learning to help patients gain knowledge, guidance and skills to self-manage.

The app combines The Pain Toolkit and The Pain Management Plan, two highly effective resources with an international reputation for building self-management skills.

Data inputted into the app is fed into GP systems as a PDF, giving care teams access to relevant patient information.


  • Reduces unecessary appointments: A 12-month review of the service commissioned by NHS Leeds West CCG showed a cumulative cost saving including reduced appointments of £280,000, or 9% of the total service
  • Reduces reliance on analgesia and secondary care referalls: The same review showed a 20% reduction in pharmaceutical costs and a significant reduction in hospital day cases and secondary care referrals
  • Integration with GP systems: Better access to data means reports of patient progress can be viewed by authorised healthcare professionals to better inform decisions
  • Improves patient satisfaction: 95% of patients using the city-wide service commissioned by NHS Leeds West CCG said that they would recommend it to others.

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