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By Roman Rocha Lawrence, ELAROS 24/7 LIMITED Added 1st Jun, 2021 Updated 16th Jun, 2021

ELAROS' C19-YRS is a digital version of the globally recognised and NHS England-recommended clinical tool, the 'C19-YRS', used for the remote assessment, triage and management of patients with persistent COVID symptoms. 

It has been recommended for routine use by NHS England in their National guidance for post-covid syndrome assessment clinics (April 2021). The original PDF version has been adopted by NHS clinics across the UK and the digital platform has been adopted by the Northern Care Alliance, Leeds Community Healthcare, Liverpool University Hospitals, and Airedale NHS Trusts since its public announcement in June 2021.



The COVID-19 Yorkshire Rehabilitation Scale (C19-YRS) is a validated screening tool recommended for use by NHS England and is used as an outcome measure designed to capture the severity of symptoms that persist longer than 4 or more weeks after contracting COVID-19.

The digital platform includes a mobile app to record information on the severity and variety of persistent symptoms experienced by patients. This automatically sends the information to a secure web portal for remote analysis by clinicians in order to effectively assess and triage patients, manage their condition and account for the complex mix of resources required by long Covid patients.

The original clinical tool was developed by clinical academics at The University of Leeds, Leeds Community Healthcare and Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trusts using clinical research across the West Yorkshire region throughout the first wave of the pandemic. The tool has since been updated by the clinical team and developed into a digital app by UK-based digital health company, ELAROS, to support healthcare organisations to enhance their service delivery, shorten waiting times, improving access to care and provide a more cost-effective solution for long Covid support services.

As of June 2021, the platform can be accessed by patients from 27 trusts across the UK, including Salford Royal NHS Trust, The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust, Airedale NHS Trust and Liverpool University Hospitals Foundation Trust who are the first adopters of the system.

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