Artificial intelligence and breast cancer screening from Redmoor Health on Vimeo.

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Artificial intelligence Chatbot

By Cameron Booth, Redmoor Health Added 9th Jan, 2020 Updated 9th Mar, 2020

Working with Lancaster University and using AWS Lex technology, Redmoor Health have developed a chatbot for breast cancer screening services that provides patients with up to date relevant information on breast screening automatically and around the clock. A considerable amount of research and engagement has been undertaken with the North Midlands Breast Screening team to capture the most valuable information relating to screening.

The existing process for booking appointments is a manual process. Redmoor's AI chatbot enables services to provide information via the use of AI plugged into Facebook Messenger or via a telephone helpline. The chatbot can also automate the booking system. 


Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women with 1 in 8 women diagnosed with it in their lifetime – despite this, awareness is really low. In 2016, the proportion of eligible women taking up routine breast screening invitations fell to its lowest level for 10 years. 

The North Midlands Breast Screening team have reversed this decline in screening attendance by engaging with women via Facebook to provide information and reduce anxiety around examinations. The team also posted information about screening on Facebook community groups and the Messenger service enables women to easily make appointments and ask questions about the screening process. According to Ofcom, Facebook is the most commonly used social media platform by cohorts who are eligible for breast screening plus Facebook messages can be targeted at specific areas thus gaining extended reach. As a result, screening rates have increased by 13% in Staffordshire, which can be directly attributed to when they began using Facebook.  However, this approach is very labour intensive and requires the screening teams to work outside of office hours responding to often repetitive queries from women via Facebook.  

Redmoor Health have developed an chatbot that can be plugged into any Facebook, telephone, and online systems. This provides 24/7 relevant answers to the most commonly asked questions, whether clinical staff are available or not. The use of Facebook offers a low cost and attractive method of engaging with the public about screening, and the chatbot helps services to deal with the added workload, including to their telephone services.

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