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By julian bartholet, PARAYIL MEDICAL DEVICES Added 1st Mar, 2021 Updated 24th Apr, 2021

Established 2018 in Switzerland, Parayil Medical Devices is focused on the research & development of medical devices inspection tools. Medical devices are constantly being developed and are becoming more and more complex. complex devices also require advanced functional testing equipment, otherwise a life- saving instrument can do more harm than good. While manufacturers develop complex machines, they often disregard the need to provide the appropriate quality assurance tools. As a result, accidents, postponements, and cancellations are a regular occurrence in the operating theatre.





Nowadays more and more surgeries are performed through endoscopy and the number is constantly increasing. Faulty endoscopes regularly leads to waste of time in the operating room. Even the best surgeon cannot perform an endoscopic surgery without seeing the operation area properly through an endoscope.

Until now, faulty endoscopes could only be detected during the operation, which led to a waste of time, money & unnecessary stress for the hospital.


̈  Loss of time in the operating room due to faulty endoscopes

̈  Health risk for patient due to longer inhalation of anesthetic gas

̈  Inefficient & dangerous for patient's safety, because surgeon has no

clear image of operation area. Example: missing a cancer tissue

̈  Unnecessary stress for OT staff

̈  extra work for sterile reprocessing Unit

̈  unnecessary repair costs

̈  non utilization of endoscope manufacturer warranty due to lack of knowhow


The AP95.2 is a patent pending tool for determining an endoscope’s visual quality, repair classification and wear and tear characteristics before a surgery, which cannot be seen through naked eye. This makes sure only functioning endoscope is used for surgery, which avoids unnecessary time & money loss in operation room. After each inspection with AP95.2 Endoscope tester, you can be sure that your endoscope provides the best image quality in the operating room. By differentiating between various defects, the manufacturer's warranty can also be claimed during the warranty period.

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