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Anticipatory Care

By Mark England, HN Added 28th Jul, 2021 Updated 1st Sep, 2021

HN is combining health coaching with its data-science expertise for PCNs throughout England. The service is managed entirely by HN and is fully financed by ARRS. Health Coaches can clear capacity so PCNs can work on the vaccination rollout and the extensive backlogs caused by Covid-19. HN's health coaches work with patients to improve their health literacy, build confidence and empowerment and get them to the point where they are pro-active in managing their health. This reduces their reliance on the system and alleviates pressure on primary care resources and GP workloads. 


Supporting Primary Care. The majority of NHS urgent care is delivered in primary care. HN can identify the right patients and provide the right anticipatory and personalised care at the right time, to reduce unplanned attendances in all settings, including in primary care, without any additional work for GPs.

HN has been delivering clinical health coaching to the Attenborough PCN in Hertfordshire. As an extension of this service, our data scientists have worked with Dr David Zemmel to identify and focus on the intensity of the top one per cent and five per cent highest users of primary care resources and uncovered some insightful outcomes. We’re pleased to share the initial overview of the findings and look forward to building a clinically relevant AI predictive model that will be able to identify these highest users well before sharp increases in demand for care. 

HN is also working with PCNs in Knowsley, Yorkshire, and Kent. 

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