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Accel-Heal: Electrical-Stimulation Improving Outcomes in Woundcare

By Edward Birmingham, Accel-Heal Technologies LTD Added 2nd Mar, 2020 Updated 24th Apr, 2020

Accel-Heal provides clinicians with the opportunity to use the well proven, evidence-based technology platform of electrical stimulation in their routine clinical practice to relieve pain and stimulate healing. 

Electrical signals play a part in normal wound healing: electric fields naturally occur whenever there is an injury to the skin. One way to think of the effect of electrical currents is that they are the first signals that prepare cells to get ready for wound healing. Electrical stimulation switches on multiple wound-healing functions and also reduces wound pain.The evidence for electrical stimulation (E-Stim) is very strong.




  • Delivers a pre-set, automated programme of sub-sensory low-voltage electrical pulses over 48 hrs.
  • Accel-Heal comes in a 12-day therapy pack of six devices (plus electrodes).
  • Accel-Heal is covered by international patents and is regulatory approved as a class 2a device in Europe.
  • Accel-Heal is reimbursed on the UK drug tariff



•Patients have reported marked pain relief with some patients reporting rapid improvement within a couple of hours

•This has enabled patients to come off pain-relieving medication  and even return to work

•Has allowed patients to return to normal social activities thanks to experiencing  less pain and increased mobility.


•Able to tolerate full-strength compression

•Management of patient pain allows other investigations to be carried out which the patient might not otherwise be able to tolerate

Promotes a sense of self-sufficiency which is important in future self-care with, for example, compression stockings


•Improved blood flow stimulated by movement can improve the chances of wound healing

•Huge differences in the patient's ability to move around freely compared with the restrictions they had experienced before treatment, making it easier to exercise

Electrical stimulation is one of the most evidence-based interventions in wound healing and yet it has so far failed to become established within everyday clinical practice.

Accel-Heal's novel single-use, easy-to-use format and proprietary automated stimulation programme provides an excellent opportunity to move this proven technology into routine clinical practice. It also provides targeted pain relief.


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