The Sound Doctor; Digital platform empowering people with long term conditions to get the best out of life.

Posted on 17th May, 2016

The Sound Doctor (TSD) is a digital health solution platform based on improving preventative care and the self-management of Long Term Conditions (Diabetes, Dementia, COPD, Bariatric Care and Back Pain) and and is being successfully utilised within both private and public sectors to reduce exacerbations, improve outcomes and reduce demand on services.

We’re looking for support from AHSN's and providers to widen the impact of our solution.


What is TSD?

The Sound Doctor, is the leading source of film and audio patient information in the UK offering a coherent and authoritative audio-visual learning programme aimed at encouraging effective self-management. There is huge scope for people to lead happier, healthier lives as a result of having access to this high quality educational resource. Without the right information it is not possible to improve your health.There are over 250 films in the library covering diabetes, dementia, COPD, Back Pain and weight management surgery. CVD, including information about heart attacks, strokes, heart failure, cholesterol and hypertension, will be produced next, then anxiety and depression.We have worked with leading charities to create the library of films including Diabetes UK, British Lung Foundation, Back Care and the Alzheimer’s Society.We follow NICE guidelines and provide a proper educational journey for patients. Around 3 million patients now have access to The Sound Doctor in the UK.We devised and produce Health Today, a national radio programme for NHS England which is published on NHS Choices and is also available on Age UK’s digital radio station ‘The Wireless’.The Sound Doctor can be used almost anywhere - on computer/tablet/mobile and as part of a health portal/intranet/telehealth device.Endorsements

“Improving the care of people with dementia and providing support for their carers is a national priority. Providing information about dementia in an accessible form is a key component for this. The suite of resources developed by the Sound Doctor is an excellent example of how this information can be disseminated.”Professor Alistair Burns, National Clinical Director for Dementia, NHS England“It’s vitally important people with dementia and their families have access to information and support after a diagnosis. This is crucial to helping people come to terms with the condition, maintain independence and plan for a future they hadn’t envisaged. This comprehensive set of films looks at dementia from a number of angles – from explaining the early symptoms to practical advice once you’ve been diagnosed. With input from people living with the condition, carers, clinicians and other experts in the field they are an excellent resource for patients and families.”Jeremy Hughes, Chief Executive of Alzheimer’s Society

"Like many of the best uses of technology, the Sound Doctor is both simple and effective. It gives patients easy access to practical information so they can better understand and manage their own health conditions."Prof Mike Morgan, National Clinical lead for respiratory, Vice President of the British Lung FoundationDr Charles Alessi, Chair of the NAPC, says “The quality of the product is, in my experience, unmatched anywhere in the world.”The back pain films have all been reviewed by the Chairman of the largest back pain charity Backcare, Dr Brian Hammond. He says: “This is the best set of films, giving honest advice, that I have ever seen. If you are suffering from back pain it is really a must watch video collection highlighting the best treatment and management for all. Down to earth advice on medication, the many therapies available and when surgery might be indicated.”On the Diabetes films: The whole thing has a very positive and upbeat feel to it, which is just what is needed. I think it is an excellent resource.Simon O’Neill , Director of Care, Information and Advocacy Services, Diabetes UK

On the COPD films: “This is an excellent site. It gives patients the information and understanding they need to self manage their COPD better”.Dr Keith Prowse, Honorary medical adviser and former Chairman of the British Lung Foundation

Key Objectives

  1. 89% reduction in GP visits
  2. 80% reduction in Did not Attends
  3. 92% of TSD users exercise more
  4. Significant savings in time and money in the delivery of services due to more activated users understanding and managing own health, leading to lower exacerbations and improved health outcomes.