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PRIMIS: Improving Primary Care Data

By Lynn Clark, PRIMIS Added 18th August, 2016



PRIMIS is the leading organisation in extracting knowledge and value from primary care data, helping to achieve better health outcomes across the UK.

A business unit of the University of Nottingham, PRIMIS contributes to the academic and reputational scope of the School of Medicine through work and collaborations.

Producing effective and practical solutions to help people access, understand and use patient data held on GP IT systems, PRIMIS achieves this through health informatics, clinical expertise plus trusted and established products, services, consultancy and training.

The quality improvement tools (including GRASP-AF, Diabetes Care, Asthma Care and PINCER tools) present a wide range of outcomes:

  • Identifying patients potentially missing a diagnosis
  • Improving the accuracy of disease registers
  • Improving long term condition management
  • Identifying at-risk patients
  • Minimising unplanned admissions
  • Improving efficacy via medicines optimisation and medication safety
  • Evaluating standards of care to best practice and NICE guidances
  • Supporting QOF, quality improvement, QIPP and co-commissioning
  • Benchmarking and peer comparison - locally and nationally
  • Improving knowledge and skills re: primary care data


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