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Lincus: wellbeing application

By Jackie Jones, Innovation Agency NWC Added 24th Jun, 2016 Updated 23rd Jul, 2019



Liverpool City Council, Liverpool YMCA and Rescon, a UK technology company, co-developed a bespoke Lincus application to capture the impact of interventions on individuals and their communities.

Lincus, a mobile app to help people live healthier lives, enables users to record data, store significant events, interventions performed to help them, and to capture their perception of wellbeing. The number-free icon-based system was used in a pilot study in 2013 in Liverpool.

A secure, simple-to-use, web-based application, Lincus analyses data per user/group with search functions available for dates, interventions or events. It records how users feel each day.

Liverpool YMCA used Lincus to improve their method of capturing information about mental health, physical health, alcohol and substance abuse, risk of offending, housing and homelessness issues. A four-week trial involving 12 participants with complex needs were surveyed.

Support workers found Lincus easy to use to record and upload information via the laptop and android application. Participants showed a 50% improvement in mental health wellbeing score during the trial (more ‘listened to').

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