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By Alex Greenwood, Konnektis Added 23rd Feb, 2017 Updated 23rd Jul, 2019

Enhancing care through better communication. Co-designed with people, for people. A digital platform to encourage better real-time communication and collaboration between carers of older people, be they relatives, friends, paid carers or local volunteers.


Konnektis has developed a secure, easy-to-use platform that runs on a dedicated internet-enabled tablet that stays permanently in the home of the person receiving care. This acts as the central care hub so those providing care can access, record and share key information in real time.

Information can be accessed online remotely by carers, homecare managers, family members and, in time, Local Authorities and health professionals. This reflects a step-change from current systems of pen-and-paper and ad hoc text messages, which are vulnerable to information being lost and offer no potential for data analytics.

Konnektis has completed a pilot in Yorkshire and is now scaling, primarily in re-ablement care, where carer communication is of critical importance.

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