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Integrated Patient flow, DToC and Bed Management

I work with Health and Social Care every day. Our software solution offers an Integrated approach to patient flow management and the very best in visibility and availability of bed assets across multiple care domains. It's well suited for multiple locations, spread over a wide geographical area as with a large Foundation Trust. It not simply hospitals that benefit either, nursing/care homes and Social Care accommodation too can make their beds available to every hospital, everything from Acute, non-acute, step-down, rehab  through to block booked beds.


At the individual hospital level, we also offer unprecedented levels of visibility and control to consultants, doctors and nurses, by monitoring and displaying A&E, Emergency and Acute bed availability in real-time as well as overall hospital status. It is, in reality, the hospitals 'Early warning system,' giving all teams and administrators a heads up - before a crisis threatens. But when things do go wrong, there's a fully automated escalation feature so no-one spends vital time on administration and process.

We even provide A&E staff with high visibility and management on waiting room volumes with individual triage/priority ratings and ‘time to breach’ countdown timers for every arrival. This transitions A&E toward a more pro-active environment.

Our integrated and collaborative approach for Delayed Transfer of Care(DToC) is great for all year round performance but during those winter pressures you'll find it invaluable.

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