Iknaia - Intelligent Personnel and Asset Tracking Solution

Posted on 21st December, 2016

Iknaia Tracking provides intelligent location-based tracking of people and critical assets. Our solution makes use of the latest Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi technology and can be used in environments where there is little or no GPS or mobile phone networks available.This makes Iknaia Tracking particularly useful for areas within hospitals.  Iknaia Tracking is an ideal indoor positioning solution.


Iknaia Tracking can be used to track the movement of assets around the hospital, nurses no longer have to spend time searching for equipment, a real-time map indicates where the assets are at any one time. Clicking on the asset icon on the map, this area can be completely bespoke and pull back information such as; asset number, last time asset was serviced, asset in use/not in use, locations where asset has been used during that day. The system can also be fully integrated into any existing asset register. This system can be used in hospitals, doctors surgeries, ambulances (assets can be tracked moving from one ambulance to another) and other NHS locations. 

Iknaia Tracking can also be used to track personnel; staff wearing Iknaia tags can be identified if they have been within the vicinity of an infectious patient; nurses and critical care staff can be quickly located and contacted; cleaning activity can be fully monitored to ensure that all areas of the hospital are visited by cleaning staff.

Iknaia can be installed as a completely standalone solution using its embeded WiFi Mesh technology, or it can be fully integrated into an existing WiFi system.

Key Objectives

  1. Estimated that the health service is losing on average £13m annually in lost items
  2. Between 10% and 20% of a typical hospital’s mobile assets are lost or stolen during their useful life (Source : AMR Research)
  3. NHS England tasked with delivering £30bn of savings per annum by 2020/21 (Five Year Forward View, NHS England).

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