Clinical Risk Management Consultancy to comply with the mandatory Health IT safety standards

Posted on 18th November, 2016


Manufacturers of health IT systems and healthcare organisations implementing them are required by NHS Digital to comply with mandatory safety standards SCCI 0129 and SCCI 0160. Safehand offers specialist consultancy services to help organisations manage the the clinical risk associated with health IT systems, establish their regulatory position and comply with the standards. Our expertise drives quality, gains clinician engagement and improves patient safety.

Our Managing Partner Dr Adrian Stavert-Dobson is a leading expert on the safe implementation of health technology. Formerly Head of Clinical Risk Management at BT Global Services, Adrian has operated as a Clinical Safety Officer for ten years overseeing the risk assessment of local and national health IT systems. In 2016 he published the world’s first book on the subject. Adrian is a medical doctor, computer programmer and health information and speaks regularly at conferences, seminars and workshops. He was pivotal in the development of the SCCI 0129 and SCCI 0160 standards.

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