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Brainomix e-ASPECTS Stroke Imaging Software

By Deb Whitehall, Brainomix Limited Added 17th Apr, 2016 Updated 23rd Jul, 2019


Worldwide, the often lack of timely, available expertise for brain computed tomography (CT) scan interpretation can delay stroke patients from accessing life-saving treatments, as frontline staff await specialist input from stroke physicians.

Brainomix’s ground-breaking technology, e-ASPECTS, circumnavigates the time lag to treatment by automatically implementing the Alberta Stroke Programme Early CT Score (ASPECTS) scoring system on brain images from acute ischemic stroke patients, to identify and quantify signs of early ischemic stroke damage and provide an assessment to support treatment decisions.



The ASPECTS scoring system is an established and clinically validated method of supporting treatment decisions in stroke, and was invented by Brainomix co-founder Professor Alastair Buchan, the Dean of Medicine and Professor of Stroke Medicine at the University of Oxford.

The scoring system divides the brain territory that is affected by the stroke into 10 areas of interest. There are seven cortical regions (M1-M6, plus the insula), and 3 sub-cortical regions (caudate, lentiform, and internal capsule). For each of the defined regions, a single point is subtracted for an area of early ischaemic change, such as parenchymal hypoattenuation or focal swelling. A score of zero indicates diffuse ischaemic damage throughout the affected hemisphere, while a normal brain CT scan is assigned an ASPECTS of 10 points.

More than 250 publications have assessed the clinical utility of ASPECTS, demonstrating that the score is a strong predictor of patient outcome following stroke treatment.


The e-ASPECTS technology is a clinical decision making support software, which automatically implements the clinical scoring methodology, Alberta Stroke Programme Early CT Score (ASPECTS).

Brainomix has developed the innovative medical imaging software that enables medical professionals to reliably and accurately interpret a stroke patient’s brain CT scan, irrespective of experience and expertise, aimed at speeding up the treatment decision-making process.

Following diagnosis, ischemic stroke patients are assessed to receive thrombolysis, endovascular treatment or for severe cases, decompressive craniotomy. These treatments are time-sensitive and decisions must be made quickly, within the first few hours of stroke onset, to result in the best possible outcome for the patient.

The main users of e-ASPECTS will be consultant stroke physicians, neurologists, radiologists, junior doctors, fellows, students, stroke nurses, clinical trials units and research organisations.

Application of the e-ASPECTS software is intended to:

  • Optimise patient selection and improve patient outcome.
  • Reduce costs by limiting length of stay in hospital.
  • Enhance the confidence of stroke physicians in decision-making irrespective of their training and expertise enabling them to reliably identify patients likely to benefit from treatment.
  • Increase the uptake of stroke treatments.
  • Be an invaluable tool for stroke clinical trials to select and stratify patients and to demonstrate the effectiveness of future stroke therapies based on imaging.

Since receiving the CE mark in March 2015, the e-ASPECTS software has been implemented in hospitals across Europe, including UK, Germany and Finland. The company is continuing to grow, with more countries and hospitals planning to access the technology in the coming months.

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