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Benefiting Hospitals with critical care information management systems

By Nadege Haouidji, Evolucare Technologies Added 28th Feb, 2017 Updated 23rd Jul, 2019

Many digital solutions are available today on the market to help healthcare professionnals provide a better care to their patients. However, not many Hospitals have decided to adopt a Anaesthesia Information Management System (AIMS). On the other hand you can also have a theatre information management systems (TMS) which will help you schedule and report all the different steps of the surgical workflow.

Installing an AIMS or an TMS in a hospital may seem a tedious and expensive task but the different returns on investment are worth the while.


Having your hospital equipped with both can provide many advantages :

  • Clinical : enhance patient safety, structured patient record, medical teaching tools, reduction of manual entry
  • Financially : by avoiding exam redundancy, reducing useless costs (drugs, equipments), optimizating the procedures accross all departments, facilated cost efficiency studies
  • Qualitative : enhance the quality of medical documents, the availability of medical data and provide easily documents for quality controls
  • Administrative : production of structured documents, reliable storage, paperlite/paperless solution

 The aim is to be able to have solutions that are interoperable and can easily communicate with each other. For instance, it would make it easier if the surgical consultation information on a OTMS can be sent to the AIMS so once the anaesthetist has his anaesthetic consultation, important information is already provided. Both-way communication is essential.

Why different solutions and not a unique and integrated one?

Having solutions designed specifically for and by their end-user makes it the ideal solution for your hospital. Integrated solutions would be covering many aspects without being job-specific and thus, may not be as fitting as a specialised one. Therefore, having a specialised solution for Anaesthesia and/or the Operating Theatre can be the best solution for your hospital.

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