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Products and services that:

  • Increase the quality and safety of clinical services, improves patient experience and outcomes, reduces serious incidents and side effects
Proven innovation

Compass Point of Care AKI & HAP App

By C2-Ai A registered clinical device, the Compass Point of Care AKI & HAP app is a tool providing augmented intelligence in the form of decision support algorithms...
Proven innovation


By NeedleSmart Ltd NeedleSmart is market leading, patented needle destruction technology engineered in the UK. ...
Under evaluation with potential for adoption


By Kognitiv Spark Kognitiv Spark is a global leader in secure and reliable applications using mixed reality for repair, maintenance and support.  Our flagship application,...
Under evaluation with potential for adoption

Site Occupancy Management

By Stanley Security Solutions Easily and affordably manage your business occupancy levels in real-time.As businesses adapt to the new normal, STANLEY Security’s Site Occupancy Management...
Under evaluation with potential for adoption

Aquarate Hydration Cup

By Aquarate Aquarate's Hydration cup is the first to provide accurate fluid data. The innovation digitally records hydration levels. No other product meets the problem...
Proven innovation

Intelligent workforce solution and indoor location technology

By Navenio Limited Many have tried to change the way clinical teams work to be more efficient; but few have focused on optimising the supporting teams that provide the logistics...
Proven innovation

A Seamless Patient Treatment Platform and Transfer Device

By FlexStretchers The ONLY one piece of equipment offering a degree of flexibility unparalleled by its peers for the seamless transition®/transfer of individuals in avoiding the...
Innovation in development


By Cognuse Inc. CoNurse addresses the challenge of unwarranted care variation which is arguably the largest preventable cost driver in healtcare. CoNurse is an ...
Proven innovation

Safe Steps - preventing falls, improving lives

By Safe Steps Safe Steps is a digital falls risk assessment tool, designed to reduce the number of falls in care homes. Safe Steps uses a dynamic set of assessment questions...
Under evaluation with potential for adoption

Elevated Body Temperature Detection

By Stanley Security Solutions Elevated Body Temperature Detection (EBT) Thermographic CCTV has the potential to identify subjects displaying elevated body temperature, allowing non-contact...
Proven innovation

Doc Abode

By Yorkshire and Humber AHSN Doc Abode is a multi-award-winning platform, enabling healthcare providers to match the availability, expertise and location of clinicians to the needs of NHS...
Under evaluation with potential for adoption

WoundWorks inSight digital wound assessment, woundcare telehealth and self monitoring

By WoundWorks inSight® combines precise camera technology with AI and Machine Learning to transform a smart device into a digital Wound Management Platform.  Wound...
Under evaluation with potential for adoption

Zio XT - one to fourteen day continuous ambulatory ECG service with remote patient option

By iRhythm Technologies UK ZioXT is a small, continuous ECG ‘patch’ that is worn by the patient for one to 14 days. The patient sends the device back to our offices once the monitoring...
Proven innovation

Preventing patient harm using VERSAL slide sheet

By County Durham and Darlington foundation trust A nurse, who works as a moving and handling advisor in our NHS Trust, has innovated a unique slide sheet. Named ‘Versal’, it replaces the need for multiple...
Innovation in development

Abtrace: Decision Support With Machine Learning

By Abtrace Many healthcare decisions require interpretation of data contained within free text, in addition to observations and blood results. Uniquely, we use natural...
Under evaluation with potential for adoption

Accel-Heal: Electrical-Stimulation Improving Outcomes in Woundcare

By Accel-Heal Technologies LTD Accel-Heal provides clinicians with the opportunity to use the well proven, evidence-based technology platform of electrical stimulation in their routine...
Proven innovation

ZedScan by Zilico

By Zilico ZedScan, Zilico’s colposcopy adjunct diagnostic, uses Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) technology to differentiate between normal, pre-cancerous and...
Under evaluation with potential for adoption

Penguin: automated patient follow-up for reducing outpatient appointments

By Cievert Penguin is a digital platform that assesses patients remotely to automatically determine if/when they should have a follow-up appointment. This means...
Proven innovation

Eva Applications - Improving Patient Safety

By Eva Applications The Eva team is comprised of three organisations: Verita, AlfaPeople, and Microsoft. The partnership is combining knowledge, technology, and data to...
Under evaluation with potential for adoption

The geko™ device

By Firstkind Ltd Real-world clinical data, generated by the Royal Stoke University Hospital NHS Trust, reviewed 1000 hyper-acute stroke patients to assess their...
Under evaluation with potential for adoption

Dynamic body weight support for rehabilitation and falls prevention

By Bioness Europe BV The Vector is a computerised robotic trolley that runs on an overhead track, to deliver dynamic body weight support (DBWS) and falls prevention. The Vector...
Under evaluation with potential for adoption

O2COMFORT Flowmeter

By BOC Healthcare The O2COMFORT flowmeter offers an innovative answer to oxygen therapy. This device can deliver oxygen in a traditional, continuous manner, but it...
Under evaluation with potential for adoption

QuickChange Incontinence Wrap

By QuickChange / UI Medical The QuickChange incontinence wrap is new type of urine management system that combines the best aspects of a catheter (localized collection around the penis...
Proven innovation

SEM Scanner BBI Europe Ltd (Bruin Biometrics)

By BBI Europe Ltd Pressure Ulcers (PU) are defined as localised injury to the skin and/or underlying tissue usually over a bony prominence, as a result of pressure, or...



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