Independence and prevention

Products and services that:

  • Improve the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of individuals and carers
  • Are targeted both at healthy people to keep them well and prevent illness, and also people at risk of disease or deterioration
Proven innovation

Dignio Connected Care Platform

By Dignio Dignio increases self-management and improves coordination of remote care. Dignio keeps people out of hospital, and in the safe hands of their care... Last updated 9th September, 2021
Proven innovation

HN AI-Guided Clinical Coaching

By HN Working with the NHS, HN predicts and prevents avoidable urgent and emergency care by combining powerful artificial intelligence with proactive health... Last updated 2nd September, 2021
Under evaluation with potential for adoption

SRAVI lipreading app

By Liopa SRAVI is a mobile app that brings a voice to the voiceless. Using just a mobile phone, SRAVI is able to convert your silent lip movement into text for others... Last updated 10th August, 2021
Under evaluation with potential for adoption

Airway Medical Suction Unit (AMSU)

By Airway Medical Ltd Airway Medical are developing portable suction units that are lighter, smaller, and cheaper than current technology, while being equally as effective.... Last updated 10th August, 2021
Innovation in development

PCL Connect

By PCL Health PCL Connect is an elderly-customised ecosystem of devices and applications to connect our seniors with carers, doctors and family members seamlessly using... Last updated 10th August, 2021
Proven innovation

Current Health Remote Patient Monitoring Platform

By Current Health Current Health provides a single platform to monitor patient health at home using state-of-the-art monitoring technology, tailored to meet the needs of all... Last updated 9th August, 2021
Under evaluation with potential for adoption

REST EASY Training - Mental health support for schools, families & businesses.

By Rest Easy Training REST EASY Training offer a simple, affordable, effective wellbeing methodology for schools, staff & families.  The method forms part of... Last updated 29th July, 2021
Proven innovation

Oviva Diabetes Support

By Oviva Oviva is a digital behaviour change provider that has helped over 100,000 people gain confidence and keep new healthy habits long term.We combine personalised... Last updated 22nd July, 2021
Under evaluation with potential for adoption


By Hummingbirds Medical BookYourGP is much more than an automated "Recall System". It will help you provide the best possible care for your patients, increase efficiency... Last updated 13th July, 2021
Proven innovation

TestCard At Home UTI Test and Treat Pathway

By TestCard TestCard is an at-home testing solution that provides immediate accurate results in the comfort of the users own home. TestCard is a combination of a non-... Last updated 12th July, 2021
Proven innovation

MyWay Diabetes

By MyWay Digital Health MyWay Digital Health (MWDH) is a University of Dundee spin out. MyWay Diabetes (MWD) their flagship product, developed with NHS Scotland, is the only self... Last updated 12th July, 2021
Proven innovation

Miya Precision

By Alcidion Alcidion was founded on the simple belief that smart technology can drive meaningful change in care provision. Since 2000, we have worked hard to create... Last updated 12th July, 2021
Proven innovation

Arc remote examination and monitoring for care homes

By Medicspot Arc allows a clinician to remotely perform real-time comprehensive examinations on a patient. Clinicians can detect deterioration earlier and make... Last updated 7th July, 2021

FLX Health APP for Prevention and Treatment of MSK

By FiftyFourDegreesNorth FLX Health is a naitve iOS and Android APP. WIth leading edge biomechanical science and our proprietary Intrinsic Biomechanics Model, FLX Health... Last updated 30th June, 2021
Proven innovation

C2-Ai PTL System | Risk Stratified Patient Tracking List

By C2-Ai Fast, evidence -based triage of surgical waiting lists, ensuring patients are risk stratified on their individual clinical need. Our approach (as... Last updated 28th June, 2021
Under evaluation with potential for adoption

LusioMATE - Making movement fun

By Lusio Rehabilitation UK Ltd Patients undergoing a physical therapy programme for rehabilitation often find undertaking their physical therapy boring. Adherence levels are often low and... Last updated 4th June, 2021
Proven innovation

Remote Patient Monitoring

By Aparito Aparito is a med-tech company specialising in capturing patient generated data and digital endpoints remotely, with a specific expertise in decentralised/... Last updated 4th June, 2021
Under evaluation with potential for adoption

Selfit Therapist Robot

By Selfit Medical Selfit is a digital robotic care startup based in Israel, with early operations in the UK. We’ve developed a unique human-machine interaction for the ageing... Last updated 19th May, 2021
Under evaluation with potential for adoption

Meru Health remote therapy program for depression, anxiety, and burnout

By Meru Health The Meru Health therapy programme is a structured 12-week remote therapy programme for the treatment of depression, anxiety and burnout.The treatment combines... Last updated 19th May, 2021
Innovation in development

BLOSSOM1 - Personal Hygiene Assistant

By BLOSSOM1 Hygiene is a fundamental requirement for good health. However, 6.55 million people with disabilities in the UK require assistance with their personal hygiene... Last updated 17th May, 2021
Under evaluation with potential for adoption


By Physiobuddie Physiobuddie is an innovative therapy service that provides its users with step-by-step progressive rehabilitation via the following mediums: ... Last updated 10th May, 2021
Under evaluation with potential for adoption


By PARAYIL MEDICAL DEVICES Established 2018 in Switzerland, Parayil Medical Devices is focused on the research & development of medical devices inspection tools. Medical devices are... Last updated 24th April, 2021
Proven innovation

ShinyMind - interactive wellbeing and resilience resource.

By Shiny Mind ShinyMind is a uniquely interactive mindset resource co-created with the Walton Centre NHS FT, which improves wellbeing, resilience and teamwork, delivered via... Last updated 7th April, 2021
Proven innovation

Patients Know Best

By Patients Know Best PKB through it's patient-controlled health record solves the following key problems:Fragmented information. PKB provides a platform where the patients data can... Last updated 7th April, 2021



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