Patient Treatment Platform and Transfer System

Posted on 17th November, 2017

A fully versatile and flexible Patient Management System suitable for all emergency situations.

Now in regular NHS operational use, Recovery + is a lightweight, easy clean, Class 1 Medical Device (four-part foldable stretcher) fully CE Certified and compliant with all existing UK and International requirements.

Designed and manufactured in the UK and made entirely from fire retarded plastic, with no metal parts, it is X-ray translucent, defibrillator friendly and fully compatible with a standard ambulance trolley. Available with a range of accessories including access to bespoke / user specific parts and fully supported by our own in-house training provision.


In terms of physical restraint R+ is the ONLY equipment in the marketplace today with the proven ability to significantly reduce the need for the use of hands-on, enabling front line staff to safely manage an individual exhibiting challenging behaviour without recourse to the prone position.

A rapidly emerging and common requirement for all front- line services involved in managing individuals displaying the potential for violent or dangerous behaviour whatever the underlying cause or circumstance.

The Seamless Transition capability incorporated in our design for situational, location, or inter-agency transfer of responsibility is totally unique to the marketplace today. This enables front line staff to assist individuals at the scene of the incident, supporting the process of medical assessment / emergency treatment and ultimately the transfer to the most appropriate place of safety. All achievable without the need to revisit the stress and inherent dangers of the initial intervention measures each time a transfer of agency and / or location is required, or when additional patient care is deemed necessary.

For further details see Recovery +

Key Objectives

  1. Patient and Carer Safety


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