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MOWOOT - Intestinal Transit Management System

By Markus Wilhelms, MOWOOT Added 23rd Feb, 2020 Updated 4th May, 2020

Up to 20% of the general population are diagnosed with chronic constipation, leading to severe comorbidities and a huge impact on quality of life. Those who suffer the most are patients with neurological pathologies (80% of SCI, MS, PD) and the elderly (up to 60% in assisted living).

The economic burden on the NHS is huge: £162 million was spent by NHS England treating constipation in 2018 alone.

Current solutions are either pharmacological or invasive and have side effects and a high cost.

MOWOOT is the first non-drug, non-invasive solution to constipation adressing this huge unmet need.


MOWOOT is a novel, non-drug, non-invasive solution to constipation in the form of a CE-certified class IIa medical device. With only 10-20 minutes of daily treatment, MOWOOT generates an exo-peristaltic effect that moves the faeces and solves constipation in a natural way.

Benefits: effective bowel management (easy defecation, pain relief, reduced comorbidities, reduced drug side effects, etc) and cost savings (medicines, follow-up, nursing time, etc.)

Application areas: neurogenic bowel dysfunction (NBD), opioid-induced-constipation (OIC), idiopathic chronic constipation.

MOWOOT is clinically proven and mentioned as state-of-the-art solution in the German clinical guideline for Neurogenic-Bowel-Dysfunction in Spinal-Cord-Injury.

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