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Adjutant Platform for EPRR

By Stuart Barr, Adjutant Software Added 25th Aug, 2020 Updated 14th Sep, 2020

We work in the field of EPRR – emergency preparedness, planning, risk and resilience.

Adjutant are different due to our experience and deep knowledge  which comes from decades of front line service responding to critical situations and incidents in the military and blue light services.

Unfortunately we have personally witnessed critical deficiencies in the implementation and execution of EPRR plans and experienced how poor communication provision can cost lives.

So we decided to do something about  it.


Adjutant was created to provide an open source mobile application which is compatible with all IOS and Android supported platforms. We work within internationally recognised EPRR protocols to provide a familiar real time solution which is unique to the field of EPRR and Major Incident Management.

We use current emergency plan architecture and utilise action card principles to provide a digital solution to crititcal communication provision for every emergency scenario. This makes our system recognisable and familiar, easy to use and extremely accessible in the hands of your responders.

Adjutant closes the loop by providing real time information and enables complete control of a co-ordinated response to any emergency situation.

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