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Inhealthcare – remote patient monitoring and virtual wards

By Inhealthcare Ltd Inhealthcare is the UK’s number one choice for digital health, virtual wards and remote patient monitoring. We're trusted by more than two million patients... Last updated 4th July, 2022

Isaac Care - Complete independent living solutions

By Isaac Care Worried about falling? - 70,000 hip fractures are recorded by the NHS annually in the UK, most of them are the 65+ demographic. We aim to support... Last updated 5th July, 2022
Under evaluation with potential for adoption

Limbic - Enabling the best psychological therapy

By Limbic Limited Limbic is one unifying AI therapy assistant for healthcare providers, clinicians and service users: an end-to-end digital platform for talk therapy. Last updated 23rd May, 2022
Proven innovation

Digital Therapeutic interventions (games) for better children & young people's mental health

By BfB Labs Children & young people with mild to moderate needs often fall between the cracks or do not meet thresholds for CAMHS.Whilst a 'mental health crisis'... Last updated 19th May, 2022

Talk It Out

By Talk It Out When it comes to our mental and emotional wellbeing, what we think is what we feel.  The challenge is that 95% of how we feel comes from our subconscious... Last updated 12th August, 2022
Under evaluation with potential for adoption

Detecting medical staff burnout in real time

By Behavidence Digital phenotyping is a novel way to detect and manage mental health conditions. Using smartphones to capture real life symptoms and daily behaviour... Last updated 17th May, 2022
Under evaluation with potential for adoption

Preventing and reversing Type 2 Diabetes through precision fibre mixes

By myota myota develops precision fibre mixes to prevent and reverse incidences of chronic disease. Specifically, we are looking to tackle the ~4.5m cases of Type 2... Last updated 6th May, 2022

Case Study: Providence Anesthesiology Associates

By Fliplet Providence Anesthesiology Associates (PAA) is a team of 60+ anaesthesiologists providing care for over 100,000 patients each year at 19 locations in the US.... Last updated 4th July, 2022
Proven innovation

DOCOBO: Digital remote patient monitoring - DOC@HOME®

By Docobo Ltd DOC@HOME is an accredited and regulatory compliant health platform which enable healthcare professionals to improve quality, efficiency and productivity.... Last updated 3rd March, 2022


By NGPOD Global Ltd After 17 years of clinicians trying to reduce serious clinical incidents related to nasogastric tubes, nothing has changed...until now!The use of a... Last updated 31st January, 2022
Innovation in development

Digital Respiratory Solutions for patients and clinicians

By Smart Respiratory Products Smart Respiratory Products began in 2014 at Imperial College, London. Smart Peak Flow enables patients to provide clinical data at home, supporting remote... Last updated 22nd February, 2022
Under evaluation with potential for adoption

TrainTrach - Virtual Reality for Tracheostomy Care Training

By Nudge Reality Ltd TrainTrach is a novel training system for tracheostomy care built around an immersive, mixed-reality simulation that combines virtual reality (VR), audio... Last updated 4th July, 2022
Under evaluation with potential for adoption

Social Prescribing Software - Social Rx

By Social Rx Social Rx is an end-to-end social prescribing solution. This means that GPs can make easy referrals into social prescribing, and these referrals can be managed... Last updated 6th December, 2021
Under evaluation with potential for adoption


By Vitacam Ltd Vitacam is a CE marked, software-based medical device that uses webcams and smartphone cameras to measure a patient's pulse and respiratory rate from video. By... Last updated 6th December, 2021
Under evaluation with potential for adoption

SORA by Syrona Health

By Syrona Health Syrona is a digital health platform providing support to women through our app SORA for employee benefits supporting women through various health transitions... Last updated 6th December, 2021
Innovation in development

Elective Care Recovery

By CACI Ltd Many NHS Trusts have Rostering solutions in place for their staff, however they still struggle to ensure they optimise the use of staff and physical locations... Last updated 8th December, 2021
Under evaluation with potential for adoption


By Alertive Developed with NHS trusts, Alertive enables integration communication and workflow products that help speed up treatment, improve staff efficiency and... Last updated 15th November, 2021

Novaerus NanoStrike™ Air Disinfection Technology: Manufactured by Novaerus in Ireland and distributed in the UK by H&R Healthcare Ltd. A Mediq Company

By H&R Healthcare Ltd The problem Novaerus technology addresses are healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs).NanoStrike™ is patented nanotechnology that has been proven to kill all... Last updated 4th November, 2021
Proven innovation

INR Self-Testing Service

By Health Call Solutions Patients on the international normalised ratio (INR) self-testing pathway are trained so they can administer their own test and securely share their results... Last updated 15th November, 2021
Proven innovation

Wound Care

By Health Call Solutions Health Call has developed two versions of the Wound Care app. The app was initially developed for care homes so they could provide a detailed referral and up... Last updated 15th November, 2021
Proven innovation

Digital Care Homes

By Health Call Solutions Digital Care Homes is a range of digital solutions which improve pathways between care homes and NHS services. It allows care home staff to refer and remotely... Last updated 15th November, 2021